Things to Check When Searching for a Home Online

By:Izak Kiefer Lim|June 04, 2019

Looking for a home is never an easy task. There are a lot of things to consider, and it can become a stressful experience for those who aspire to buy a house.  

Majority of Filipinos can only buy one home throughout their lives. Because of this, choosing the right property becomes an even more important decision to make. Part of the search is evaluating which aspects of the property should be prioritized. Most buyers usually look at the location, the value of the property, and how affordable it is. Getting the best property at the right price is also quite a challenge since appraising and finding available properties for sale are in themselves equally tough tasks. Because of this, innovations like online property listing websites have emerged which enable Filipinos to search for a home and make smart buying decisions.

With the millions of listings available, looking for property online might seem overwhelming. However, you can narrow down your search by considering the factors below in your decision-making process.

Your budget and future expenses

As with any major buying decision,  planning goes a long way. Wise real estate buyers want to avoid problems rather than having to resort to band-aid solutions later on. To ensure a trouble-free transaction for the next years, you must know your spending capacity by assessing your personal income and savings. When doing this, avoid estimating your income level to grow too much in order to have a safe base rate. 

Second, you must budget for future expenses early on. Some necessary costs for housing include down payment, monthly mortgage, house maintenance, furnishings, and annual real estate taxes. 

These two steps are simple but very important in the whole process of buying a home. It helps avoid problems such as mortgage foreclosures, as well as helps buyers find property fit for their budget. By setting a budget and planning your expenses, you will avoid running into potential financial woes.

Your home needs and desires

Different people have different desires and needs, so knowing the kind of home you want to live in is essential.  Some factors you need to include in your home-buying decision include:

  • The number of people who are going to live in the house
  • Age of the people who will live there
  • Your preferred location
  • The kind of aesthetic you want your house to have
  • The level of house maintenance you are willing to commit to
  • Rooms and amenities needed

Proximity to important places

There are some places you also need to consider when deciding where to live, especially when getting there requires you to allot for travel time every day. These can include the office, schools, hospitals, the church, and the home of family and friends. Aside from these, you might also want to consider the proximity of your chosen property to other places where you can go for recreation like the beach, the mountain, or the gym. Knowing these key places is a big help in deciding where to live. 

Doing an online property search

After considering these factors, searching for home properties online and benchmarking them for comparison would be a great way to start. With this, assessing both land and building values can be easier for you since you have a reference on market values of surrounding properties. It also gives you a more accurate basis if the home property is undervalued or overpriced. Also, this saves the home buyer precious time in searching for the right home.

Before the modern technology people have come to enjoy today, prospective buyers learn about available properties through word of mouth, then see the property through a site visit. In the 2000s, brokerage firms started to do online listings of properties available for sale. 

In 2018, was established to provide a more efficient way of searching for properties. The site shows visitors with property listings in Cebu and Metro Manila through map-based programming on its desktop and mobile applications. Map-based searching makes it easier for you to hunt for your desired property. You can get helpful information at your fingertips, like price comparisons of other properties in the market. Because you see property values on a map, pinpointing the ideal location of their your property becomes as easy as ever.

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